5th January 2021

Eating well is now more important than ever. None of us wanted to start 2021 with yet another lockdown, but this is a chance to ensure that we also do our best by eating as well as we can to maintain a healthy balance.

A deeper knowledge around the importance of good gut health nowadays underlines the importance of good nutrition and the way it can act as a form of defence against infections and viruses. We know that friendly gut bacteria contribute to good immunity, health and even mental wellbeing.

A varied and mixed diet, with plenty of vegetables, wholegrains and live cultures can really make a difference, and we recommend the following 3 tasty tips to ensure you eat well during lockdown:-

  1. All of our Greek Style Yogurts are bio-live and our new Greek Style Kefir contains 12 active bio-live cultures which can help support a healthy microbiome. To start your day, it’s so delicious and easy to add fresh fruit and granola, to top your porridge with, or to make into a delicious smoothie. Our Coconut Kefir Overnight Oats (pictured above) is one of our favourite ways of starting the day at the moment and tick so many good diet boxes.
  2. If you are now responsible for schooling your kids at home, it’s hard to always find the time to cook from scratch. Remember that canned beans and pulses are very nutritious and can be quickly pulled together with some herbs and spices to make a delicious meal, especially with a nice dollop of yogurt on top. We know that the whole family will love these delicious Chilli Tacos and they’re very easy to prepare.
  3. If you’re working from home it is tempting to graze and snack through the day, not necessarily on the healthiest snacks out there. A wholesome breakfast and lunch will really help keep you fuller for longer and help to maintain a healthy balance. Also, make sure you reclaim your lunch break and don’t work through. This mindful moment gives you a chance to pause, rest and focus on some positives whilst savouring your food. Our go-to lunch at the moment is this Sourdough Toast with Pea Mash and Jammy Eggs – filling, delicious and something to look forward to through the morning.

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