Our yogurts are all made with fresh British pasteurised milk from the West Country, and natural ingredients. This wholesome milk is delivered to us daily and carefully made into great tasting live yogurts.

Animal husbandry and cow welfare is very important to us. As such we only source milk from approved Red Tractor family farm suppliers who maintain high levels of animal welfare. We build strong relationships with our suppliers and have close bonds of ethical trust and commitment.

The Red Tractor policy states that our British climate is not conducive to keeping the cows grazed outdoors throughout the year and there can be periods when they are housed indoors for their welfare over winter. Indoors their wellbeing continues to be excellent, with comforts and care to ensure a good lifestyle. They are grazed outdoors during the warmer months when the grass is growing and nutritious and are therefore given as many days as possible grazing outdoors.

You may also be interested in finding out more about our Sustainability Policy here.

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