This Is Our 75th Year!

Yes, 2024 is our 75th anniversary! That’s 75 years of making great tasting yogurts without compromise.

Founded in a basement workroom in Warren Street, London back in 1949 by our uncle, Euripides Nicolaou, who was then joined by our father, Michael Timotheou, the four of us (brothers Chris, Peter, Bides and Tony) continue to run the business to this day.

We have made two short films about our Family Business History and our Yogurt Timeline here.

And here is the transition of our old logo to the new one when we refreshed our branding in 2020.


The very early days started in central and north London,  producing yogurts in small batches by hand at the back of a shop. Post war consumers were not familiar with yogurt, so at first we made natural yogurts and creamy milk desserts for restaurants, delis and cafés.

Production in those days was very hands-on with all the family playing their part to ensure the best in quality.

Five-gallon milk churns were delivered fresh daily to the doorstep – instead of bottles of milk – which always raised a smile from our neighbours! All eight of us had to help out – washing the glass pots, sealing the fresh yogurts and learning the intricacies of our forefathers’ yogurt recipe.


In 1996 we moved to a former dairy site in Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire, where we continue to produce our yogurts and cultured creams today. Heritage, passion and skill are still at the heart of every pot, so that the quality and great taste people enjoyed all those years ago can still be savoured today.


These continue to be exciting times at Tims Dairy which is currently managed by brothers Chris, Peter, Bides and Tony Timotheou, and more recently we have been delighted to welcome our 3rd gen family member, Thomas, who is bringing his cooking with yogurt expertise to our lives (find out more here).

Yogurt making has never been busier and the popularity of ‘PROPER’ Greek style yogurts continues to grow. The yogurts are multi-award winning. This is great testimony we hope to our Greek heritage, passion, skill, experience and the family story of our lovely yogurts.

The story goes on from here as we continue our mission to get more yogurts to more and more consumers nationwide…

Try one of our favourite delicious family recipes from the early days – Greco Rosa Crema.

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