For Now And For A Greener Future


We have a wonderful and passionate team throughout our dairy, who are not only dedicated to creating amazing yogurt, but looking at a greener future too.

Our passionate ‘Greenpot Team’ meet regularly to ensure that we have a proactive and developing eco strategy to minimise our impact on the environment. This includes looking at in-house practices and wastage, packaging innovation, ingredient sourcing and possible improvements in our processes and procedures on a continuous basis with the best consideration for the environment.


There are many causes close to our heart, and we are delighted to be supporting several local and national charities by donating to them.

Our caring dairy team kindly donate regularly, and so do we as a business. We have therefore been able to actively support the following charities: British Heart Foundation, Macmillan Cancer Care, Aylesbury Homeless Group, and more recently we have supported the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.


Our milk is delivered daily to our dairy in the Chiltern Hills. It is the main ingredient in all of our yogurts, so it’s very important to us that the quality is at its best. We only use fresh British milk sourced from Red Tractor farms via independent processors.

All our other ingredients are completely natural and sourced through ethical suppliers, who understand and support our commitment to quality and wholesome goodness.


Animal husbandry is important to us. As such we only source milk from approved Red Tractor farm suppliers who maintain high levels of animal welfare. We build strong relationships with our suppliers and have close bonds of ethical trust and commitment.

The Red Tractor policy states that our British climate is not conducive to keeping the cows grazed outdoors throughout the year and there can be periods when they are housed indoors for their welfare over winter. Indoors their wellbeing continues to be excellent, with comforts and care to ensure a good lifestyle. They are grazed outdoors during the warmer months when the grass is growing and nutritious and are therefore given as many days as possible grazing outdoors.


We’ve done it – our retail yogurt pots are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, meaning they can become yogurt pots again and again!

Made from 100% recycled PET the pot is then enrobed in a 100% recyclable carton board sleeve and foil lid. The PET pot can be recycled again and again at end of life back into new yogurt pots, and the sleeve and foil lid can be separated into their respective recycling streams.

We constantly look to increase the recycled content across our business and are also gradually reducing single use plastic from our pot outer packaging, whilst ensuring trial at each stage to prevent wastage. We are also very proud to have completely removed all shrink wrap from our outer packaging.

We define ‘recyclable’ as packaging which can be put into most household recycling, but you do need to check your local authority regulations to ensure this.


  • All pallet base layer pads are made from recycled / re-used materials
  • There is no chlorine used in the production of the paper on the pots
  • We recycle all surplus cardboard


Check out our recycling infographic (left) to ensure that you’re recycling correctly:

  1. Remove card sleeve and foil lid
  2. Wash the pot and foil lid
  3. Scrunch foil lid into a ball
  4. Recycle all three items – pot, foil and cardboard sleeve







We’ve taken even more plastic out of the system (in fact, approximately 5 tons per year) by removing all over lids from our retail range. We very carefully considered this and thoroughly tested it, as we know that they offer extra protection and make the yogurts easy to store once opened.

If you do find that you miss the lid, please try one of the following storage solutions:

  1. Put a saucer over the top of the pot once opened
  2. Transfer any leftover yogurt to a reusable Tupperware tub
  3. Use a natural cling film beeswax replacement like these ones from Beeswax Wraps here
  4. Use a reusable silicon stretch lid such as these ones from Amazon


Approximately 70% of food waste across the globe each year is perfectly edible.

We are helping to change this:

In 2020 we moved our labelling on pack to say ‘Best Before’ instead of ‘Use By’, giving you (the consumer) control of when to eat our delicious yogurt.

We encourage consumers who have any left over yogurt to use it up in one of the fabulous recipes we have on our website. We also send out a free recipe booklet to consumers who request one.

Whilst we aim to have as little waste as possible, we occasionally have perfectly good yogurt in need of a home. That is why we are working with Foodshare, a fantastic charity who focus on providing nutritious food for people locally who are unable to feed themselves.


We wholeheartedly believe that our overall success includes manufacturing and operating in a progressively sustainable manner. Our business philosophy aims to protect resources and minimise impact on the environment whilst maintaining the highest standards of product quality and safety.

Packaging sourcing, green energy, water saving, waste disposal and supply chain efficiencies are all areas of focus to help to reduce our carbon footprint and thereby contribute to better sustainability for us all.


Greek Heritage. British Made

Our ‘proper’ Greek style yogurts and kefirs reflect our Greek heritage and are inspired by recipes handed down from our forefathers since 1949.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers and consumers are consistently provided with high quality, great tasting yogurt and kefir.





We are a privately owned family company specialising in making high quality yogurt and cultured cream products for the retail, foodservice and ingredients sectors.

The success of Tims Dairy rests with the combined efforts of our people. To ensure best performance we constantly review policies and training.


To prevent slavery and human trafficking within our organisation we have the following policies and practices.

  • Equal opportunities policy
  • Harassment at work policy
  • Bribery policy
  • Whistleblowing policy
  • Human rights policy
  • All employees are treated fairly and equally
  • All employees are paid at least the national living wage
  • No one is forced to do overtime. We strive to have everyone working a 40-hour week and do not exceed this unless the business demands we do so and the employee agrees to do so.
  • When employing workers from agencies we only use reputable employment agencies, and always verify the practices of any new agency we are using before accepting workers from the agency

Child Labour:

We do not employ anyone under the age of 16 at Tims Dairy. We conduct age verification checks to ensure this policy is applied. We check our supply chain by asking questions in the supplier self-audit questionnaire regarding SEDEX, ETI and employment of children.

Reporting Concerns:

Our whistleblowing policy sets out how any employee with concerns is able to report to management without fear of any reprisals.

Due Diligence:

We undertake due diligence when considering taking on new suppliers and review our suppliers annually. Should non-compliance be identified, we expect our suppliers to agree an action plan to remedy the issue.


This policy will be reviewed by the company’s Board of Directors on a regular basis (at least annually) and may be amended from time to time.


  • We will always be truthful and clear in all our communications
  • We will always ensure product transparency
  • We will always protect consumer data and privacy (please read our privacy policy for further information)
  • We will always listen and respond to customer and consumer queries or concerns, and work to action points as swiftly as possible
  • We will always strive to improve and innovate our range, ensuring that the customer is always receiving the highest quality Tims Dairy products


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