We always love to hear your positive comments about us and here are a few things that people say about the yogurts we make.

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“Wow!! This honey, Greek style yoghurt is absolutely amazing!! completely hooked, game changer. (Huge fan).”

Sharon G

“My wife complains at me all the time because I eat the large pot of blackcurrant yoghurt at most, in 2 sittings. However, I have been known to eat the whole pot in 1 go! I have tried the smaller pot but it’s just not enough! So……Please, please, please….can you make Tims Blackcurrant yoghurt a little less nice!!! If only so my wife doesn’t have to moan at me so much!!
Without doubt….the BEST yoghurt available anywhere!!”

Bob A

“Having lived in a small village in Cyprus for many years I have eaten a lot of yogurt, but Tims is the ultimate. I am truly fascinated having read the strong brand heritage and am very proud to support you. Please tell everyone at the dairy from the top to the bottom how much they are appreciated!”

Melanie J

“My first tub just finished…what an amazing product; best I’ve ever tasted in the 40+ years of yogurt slurping! Thank you!!!”


“This yogurt is my all time favourite! Best I’ve ever had.”

Fiona P

“I just wanted to let you know that your yogurt is the nicest I’ve ever had. Cheers.”

Gary P

“Your Greek style Vanilla yogurt is the best I’ve ever tasted! I have been buying 2 or more large pots a week and can’t get enough of it. Amazing taste!!”

Lauren J

“I fell in love at first bite.”

Diane T

“A day without a Tims is a sad 😞 day.”

Colette N

“The best Greek (style) yogurt I’ve ever had! Wow.”

Sarah L

“The Lamborghini of yogurts.”


“I am honestly obsessed and telling everyone about them. I have an intolerance to milk but honestly your yogurts are fine with me.”


“I’ve just tried this (Natural Kefir) the first time and can hands down say the best Kefir yogurt on the market. Absolutely delicious. Had it for my breakfast and it was outstanding.”

Kat N

“Have just discovered your wonderful yogurts, they are THE BEST and will never buy any other.The flavours taste exactly as they say on the pot, and the consistency is spot on.I am telling all my yogurt eating friends, so expect sales to go up.”

Shirley L

“I love this yogurt, a wonderful recent find. Enjoying trying all the flavours. Honey is my favourite with raspberry a close second.”

Sue B

“Without doubt the vanilla yogurt is the best best yogurt that I have ever tasted. Luckily my local Sainsbury’s has started to stock it”

Sara HC

“Honestly, I don’t know how you do it but this is the nicest yogurt I have ever tasted and I consider myself a bit of an expert. Your Greek style is far superior to (and cheaper than) Fage. My little local shop stocks it – they keep running out as I keep buying it! I eat it ‘naked’ or with fruit – it isn’t sour but really creamy. Keep up the good work.”

Susie HC

“You have the best Greek yogurt in the world.”

Samantha N

I’ve finally found the Bio Greek yogurt of my dreams. I now look forward to my breakfast. The blackcurrant flavour is amazing but the vanilla is my fave.


I’d just like to congratulate you on your utterly superb Greek style kefir. It is the most delicious yogurt I’ve ever eaten. Please don’t stop making it as I can’t stop eating it! Thank you!


My husband and I would like to thank you and your staff for the fantastic Greek Style Bio-Live Yogurt. We have recently had your Blackcurrant one. This took us by surprise – it was the best yogurt we have had in an extremely long time. We would like to thank you very much for a fantastic product. It’s rich, it’s tasty, it’s smooth.

Melonie P

I wanted to write to say that we have recently discovered Tims Dairy products – primarily the large pots of Blackcurrant Greek Style (sold in Sainsbury’s, Redhill) – it is utterly delicious and I have gone from buying one pot a week to 3…..in almost as many weeks! All of the family love it (including a teenager who was adamant she didn’t like yogurt, so we thought we should send praise to where it is due as we are very happy with our discovery!

Jenny H

It’s the texture and intensity of flavour that I LOVE! Superb products! Breakfast is a happy place at the moment.

Elizabeth S

Your yogurt is the best I have ever tasted! As a vegetarian, I eat a lot of yogurt to improve my protein intake and my B12 levels, so I know what good yogurt tastes like! My favourite flavours are vanilla, blackcurrant and honey, but it’s more than the flavours that makes this yogurt great – it’s the wonderful, thick and creamy texture which makes it feel like an indulgent treat. My usual favourite brands have officially been ditched!!

Gillian M

I just wanted to email and say your yogurts are the best I have ever tasted! I use them for my overnight oats and they make it taste so much better than when I used different yogurt brands.

Charlotte D

Tims really is the best yogurt I have ever tasted and I’m 43 so I’ve eaten a lot of yogurt in my time. I purchase 6 yogurts a week as I order for parents and my brother. I’m telling everyone about Tims Dairy.

Lauren G

Best yogurt I have ever tasted, the raspberry is incredible. Now got my local butchers Rolfes Walsham-le-Willows, stocking for me. Well done, rich, thick and creamy.


Just wanted to say how delicious your plain yogurt is. Reminds me of the traditional yogurts we used to get in the 60’s, taste is perfect.


I tried your yogurt today for the first time and it is absolutely incredible. Just ordered another 10 tubs on my Ocado order later in the week. The best yogurt ever…….thank you so much.


I never do this type of thing but on this occasion I just had to email you! I bought a pot of Tims Dairy Greek style yogurt from my local farm shop. I can honestly say it was simply the nicest, creamiest, yogurt I’ve ever tasted. Brilliant product. Thank you!


Just to say my husband and I have discovered these new to us at Waitrose they are the nicest yogurts we have ever tasted. Just off to Waitrose to restock!


Hi, We found your yogurt for the first time while on “staycation” last week in a small post office in Burton Lonsdale, Cumbria. We found it again this week at “Moorhouse Farm Shop” near Newcastle Upon Tyne and have come online to find out where else we can buy it. It’s by far the nicest yogurt we’ve EVER tasted and I see that we can buy it in Waitrose! Excellent!!


Tims Dairy Yogurt…… THE BEST EVER!!! All flavours. Thank you.


I just wanted to email to say how lovely your honey Greek yogurt is. I have never had Greek yogurts before and just wow. So thick and creamy and a perfect flavour, especially compared to yeo and own brands. Its now part of my weekly shopping list. Thanks again


I received the recipe booklets through the post and I am so pleased! The recipes all look great and I’m really enthusiastic about trying them particularly the chocolate and beetroot cake! I am really pleased so thank you!!!!! And it means I can get Kefir yogurt in loads more of my meals 😁😁😁😁😁. I am one happy customer! Anyway loving your Kefir yogurt and I’ll be eating it for the rest of my life now due to my poor gut microbiome so you have a lifelong customer!


After years of trying and not enjoying yogurts, I have finally found one that is just right. Your Greek style bio-live raspberry yogurt is absolutely gorgeous and I have a pot every morning for my breakfast. Well done for keeping your family recipes going. Will definitely recommend it.

I’ve just bought some of your Greek style Vanilla yogurt in Waitrose Rickmansworth today and can only describe it as superb. Absolutely delicious. You’ve gained a new customer as of today, I don’t want to eat any other yogurt!
Ian Jarrett

I bought some of your Greek Style Vanilla Bio-live yogurt from my local Coop the other day. I have just had some with strawberries and granola and I have no words, this is by far the most delicious yogurt I have ever tasted, I can’t explain in words how utterly yummy it was. I’m definitely going to see what other flavours I may be able to find.
Kathryn Freebrey

Just had to write in to say that after 30 years of trying all brands of yogurt in the UK, Tims Dairy yogurt is the most delicious, smooth, sumptuous and fresh tasting yogurt ever! Huge fan..especially the vanilla. Don’t EVER change the recipe please!! Will never buy other brands again.
Elizabeth Ballantyne

Louise Aron took the trouble to call us especially, to say how ‘Really Really Fantastic’ our yogurts are. Her favourites are the Greek style Honey and Vanilla. Such a lovely thought that makes us feel very proud. We aren’t to worry, she’s going to ‘carry on buying’ 🙂

I had to get in touch to say that your yogurt Is genuinely the best I’ve ever tasted! Keep up the good work!
Lisa Johnson – and her husband Tim!

Every time I eat one of your yogurts I promise myself I’ll write to tell you that they are, without doubt, the best yogurts I have ever had. It’s taken me 3 years to do it, but now it’s done! We save them as a weekend treat because we look forward to them so much. Currently have every flavour in every size in the fridge so may have to treat ourselves during the week as well! Thank you Tims!

Everyone needs this amazing yogurt in their lives.
Chocolate Utopia Oxfordshire

I have just bought my first pot of your kefir yogurt and it tastes amazing, the best flavour ever!

This week I bought one of your products for the 1st time – Greek Style Raspberry bio-live – at the Co-op in Moreton-in-Marsh. It is the best I have ever tasted and I wanted to let you know. I will certainly be buying it again and trying the other products in your range. Don’t want to have any other brands from now on.

Just tried this for the first time and it’s the best tasting yogurt. I purchased the vanilla one on Tuesday 19th January 2021, and I will going back tomorrow to purchase more. Thanks for making such amazing yogurt, I will be telling friends and family to look out for your product too.
Clive and Alison

LOVE THIS! If Tims Dairy was a ‘Love Actually’ scene……”Just to say, because at Christmas you can (and should) without hesitation, Tims is the best yogurt my family has ever had and this time next year I hope nothing has changed! Merry Christmas to everyone who makes our breakfast so special.”
Roland & Caroline Olliff

I am a huge fan of your yogurt – have been for ages. Love the new packaging and think the coconut kefir is beyond fabulous. Best yogurt – my whole family huge fans.

It’s such a pleasure teaming up with small businesses with kindness at heart and a love of life.
Lucy Williamson Nutrition

I purchased a pot of Greek yogurt from Budgens N2. The last time I purchased Greek yogurt as good and authentic as this one was when I was in Greece on holiday. I would have no hesitation in recommending your yoghurt to anyone.
Anne Bellamy

Single best yogurt I’ve ever tasted! Just thought that I’d let you know.
Joshua Patrick

I introduced my husband to your yogurts as a healthy alternative to his unhealthy relationship with extra thick double cream … Wow did I hit the jackpot!! He has eaten your raspberry yogurt every day since!!! Loves it!! 😍My fav is the honey one. We believe you should have been awarded 1st place! 🏆 👏👏👏👏
Judy Jewell

Just a quick note to say I’ve recently discovered your yogurts – recommended to me by my mum and dad – and they are absolutely the best I’ve ever had. The raspberry is immense. You could offer me any food on the planet and I’d choose your Greek style raspberry yogurt! Having to ration myself. 😁👍
Vicki Howarth

“I’ve been doing my parents’ food shopping since March and my mum has just messaged me saying she is in a panic because she only has 3 pots of Tims Dairy in the fridge! She gets nervous now when their stocks are low as she eats it all the time!”
Mrs Middleton’s Oil

Just had my first ever Greek style honey yogurt. I am overjoyed with the quality, taste and cannot wait to try others in your range. Well done 5* from me. One of the BEST ever tasting yogurts in my personal opinion.

Chris J

Have to say, your yogurts are fabulous, no others come close. Thank you

Gail Gallagher

I thought it was a great marketing tool to be able to peel back the cover and read about the family dairy. As a person of Greek heritage myself, it was a real treat to find a truly authentic yogurt. I have to admit that I went back to the store today and bought another 8 cartons, which I have shared with my sister and my daughter, who I am glad to say, have become instant fans. I spotted the store selector after I sent the email to you and was pleased to find 2 other stores nearby where I can purchase your products.

Patricia Mercer

I have to say that your Greek style Vanilla yogurt is the best I’ve ever tasted! I have been buying 2 or more large pots a week for the past 3 years and can’t get enough of it! Amazing taste!!

Lauren Chadwick

I buy your yogurt from Waitrose in Abergavenny and for your information it is a little out of my way and will travel to buy your yogurt as I think it is by far the best (my gosh I sound a bit nerdy about yogurt). [Tims Dairy here – we like ‘yogurt nerds’ :)]

Mark Jones

I wanted to let you know that WE LOVE THEM! My grandad’s name was Tim, it’s a name you don’t hear very often. So, it makes me smile too. Great taste and a fond memory. It’s a real boost in these difficult times. If you need anyone to help test new tastes, I’m your girl!!

Moira Bishop

This is not an enquiry it’s just to tell you that yours is the best yogurt I have ever tasted. I buy it from Chatsworth Farm shop weekly and I do wish there was a stockist in Chesterfield but it is well worth the journey it is brilliant. Thank you

Carole Joynes

You are on my list of things that have got me through lockdown!!

Helen Buckland

If you haven’t tried it, you have too. Best ever

Stella Bella

You should all feel very very proud that you make the best Greek yogurt I have ever tasted – it’s become a staple in our fridge!

Mark F Barton

I just had my first Tims Dairy Greek style yogurt with blackcurrants. Nicest yogurt I have ever had I think… and I don’t often do reviews..Cheers “Tim” I will be buying again?

Helen Connolly

@timsdairy I have discovered your amazing Greek yogurt during lockdown. It’s definitely moreish and an essential #lockdownuk treat. Thick and creamy texture. So yummy. #treatyourself #COVID19 #more #recommendation Yogurt Nutrition


I was watching a documentary while eating a TD Greek style honey yogurt and had to abandon the dvd to concentrate fully on your miraculous creation. It was genuinely the best yogurt I’ve ever had. If you want a lengthier quote, I can write it

The Lotus Eater

Now I honestly think yours is the best yogurt I have ever tasted…but this is too far!! Have a lovely yogurt for breakfast…then smash into the scones with cream for elevenses!!

Miss Joan Hunter-Dunn

Oh, I love Tims Dairy Yogurt. The Raspberry one is like eating raspberries and cream

Ellen H ‘Stockabo’

Absolutely the nicest yogurt I’ve ever tasted! ?

Cathy Grace

Tims Dairy making lockdown better! Love our weekly supply from Waitrose thank you!! xx

Steph Rudge

Only just discovered your yogurts, now my breakfast every morning!

Holly Bulpitt

I just want to tell you all how much I love Tims Dairy Yogurt. I love all of the lactose free ones, my dad & brother eat the raspberry and my mum has the natural yogurt! They’re incredible, so delicious and you can buy them on Ocado. We’ve been buying them for years and highly recommend

Jenni Country Carousel

I reckon you could set up a direct pipeline to our farm – we need your yogurt on tap!!


I just wanted to say that your Greek style yogurt with Vanilla has truly changed my life in quarantine and is the best part of my week on a Saturday morning! Fresh fig & the yogurt = *chef’s kiss*. BEAUTIFUL

Elizabeth Carse

You have re-invented yogurt!

Chantal Brosens

Was so pleased to be able to have my Tims Dairy blackcurrant yogurt for breakfast with fresh raspberries, granola and munchy seeds. I’ve missed it so much

Karen Pearce

Lockdown would be so much harder without my Tims Dairy yogurt fix!

Emma J Belson

We always use your yogurts! The flavours are absolutely incredible. I’ve converted my whole family xx


Well deserved, best yogurt ever!!

Steph Rudge

Well it is the best yogurt on the planet

Rachelle Hoy

Absolutely love, love, love this yogurt. Nothing compares at all. Simply the best

Anne Gray

By far the best yogurt you can buy!!! Love it

Angela Badger

Is there any other yogurt that compares to Tims Dairy – I doubt it. Had vanilla yogurt with raspberries blueberries and a sprinkle of toasted hazelnuts. Delicious breakfast.

Lynda Shunn

I cannot get over how insanely good your blackcurrant yogurt is

Seb Jordan

Everything else is disappointing in comparison

Karen Pearce

Being a lover of yogurts (in all honesty I get through about 10 x 450g pots a week) I thought I’d tried every brand of yogurt imaginable. That was until today. Whilst visiting my mother’s in Abbots Langley I popped into Budgens to grab my usual, then by chance I came across Tims Dairy and purchased a Greek Style yogurt with Blackcurrants. I have got to say without doubt it was the most amazingly creamy, tasty and delicious yogurt I have EVER tried. You truly have cracked it with regards to flavour, consistency and presentation. Just WOW!!!!!! You have now got yourself a huge fan.

Stuart Holdham (Heavyweight champion of all things yogurty)

I wanted to write to you just because your Greek Style Vanilla yogurt, well, it’s amazing. I don’t mean “amazing” in the sense “well gee that’s quite nice” – I mean IT’S FREAKING AMAZING!

It’s honestly the nicest yogurt I’ve EVER tasted. Proper “Oh. My. God. This is good” style. Well done on such a great product!

Andrew O’Connell

I would just like to congratulate you on your superb tasting creamy yogurt. I have tried two flavours so far, Vanilla and Honey and I have to say they’re the best I’ve ever tasted. (I have two more flavours in the fridge!) I hope they become more widely available but without compromising the excellent quality. They are my go to yogurt from now on!

Liam Keane

After a very serious operation I was advised to try your yogurt – with Honey. 3 months on I am addicted to it and spreading the word about it. Thank you so much

Nina Barker

Just tried your Greek Style Yogurt with Honey for the first time. I usually buy Rachels or Yeo, but after tasting yours there’s no going back! So thick and creamy and tastes absolutely wonderful. Well done on a fabulous product . Will be recommending to all my friends and family

Mrs Lorraine Armer

Stunning Yogurt! Healthy and Amazing


Tims Dairy is the best British made Greek yogurt I’ve tasted. I’ve had the one with added honey and some homemade granola this morning

Glenn Parsons

My absolute favourite is blackcurrant and I have one everyday for breakfast. When they are on the shelf I buy the lot!  I just wanted to let you know how delicious they are. Keep up the good work!


This year, if I’m hungry and want a snack, I’m going to make a conscious decision to pick your yogurts over chocolate, biscuits, crisps etc!


The best yogurt I have tasted, so creamy

Jan Thain

I tell all my friends it’s the best. I even tell complete strangers at the supermarket to buy it!

Gaynor Bray

My absolute favourite- best yogurt ever #fact

Katie J Holliday 

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