We always love to hear your positive comments about us and here are a few things that people say about the yogurts we make.

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“Have recently tried your new Greek Yogurt Caffe Latte, and felt that I needed to contact you on a brilliant product. The flavour and texture of this yogurt are superb, one of the best tasting Greek yogurts I have tasted, and the coffee flavour is just the right balance. This needs to be available all year round…….please……..You have a winner here.”


“Just eaten Tims Greek style honey yoghurt for first time. Blown away by flavour and authentic consistency. Reminiscent of Greek Islands. Fantastic. Will hug friend who discovered you. Keep up great work.”


“Just wanted to congratulate you on your new caffe latte Yogurt! Think it’s amazing, my new favourite one of your range. Although it’s a limited edition, hope it becomes a permanent fixture, it definitely gets my vote!”


“Wow, what more can i say about your new limited-edition yogurt. A lovely thick, creamy coffee flavoured treat, what more could we ask for. Although i love your other flavours this one has really ‘hit the spot’ as far as my tastebuds are concerned.”


“Wow!! This honey, Greek style yoghurt is absolutely amazing!! completely hooked, game changer. (Huge fan).”

Sharon G

“My wife complains at me all the time because I eat the large pot of blackcurrant yoghurt at most, in 2 sittings. However, I have been known to eat the whole pot in 1 go! I have tried the smaller pot but it’s just not enough! So……Please, please, please….can you make Tims Blackcurrant yoghurt a little less nice!!! If only so my wife doesn’t have to moan at me so much!!
Without doubt….the BEST yoghurt available anywhere!!”

Bob A

“Having lived in a small village in Cyprus for many years I have eaten a lot of yogurt, but Tims is the ultimate. I am truly fascinated having read the strong brand heritage and am very proud to support you. Please tell everyone at the dairy from the top to the bottom how much they are appreciated!”

Melanie J

“My first tub just finished…what an amazing product; best I’ve ever tasted in the 40+ years of yogurt slurping! Thank you!!!”


“This yogurt is my all time favourite! Best I’ve ever had.”

Fiona P

“I just wanted to let you know that your yogurt is the nicest I’ve ever had. Cheers.”

Gary P

“Your Greek style Vanilla yogurt is the best I’ve ever tasted! I have been buying 2 or more large pots a week and can’t get enough of it. Amazing taste!!”

Lauren J

“I fell in love at first bite.”

Diane T

“A day without a Tims is a sad 😞 day.”

Colette N

“The best Greek (style) yogurt I’ve ever had! Wow.”

Sarah L

“The Lamborghini of yogurts.”


“I am honestly obsessed and telling everyone about them. I have an intolerance to milk but honestly your yogurts are fine with me.”


“I’ve just tried this (Natural Kefir) the first time and can hands down say the best Kefir yogurt on the market. Absolutely delicious. Had it for my breakfast and it was outstanding.”

Kat N

“Have just discovered your wonderful yogurts, they are THE BEST and will never buy any other.The flavours taste exactly as they say on the pot, and the consistency is spot on.I am telling all my yogurt eating friends, so expect sales to go up.”

Shirley L

“I love this yogurt, a wonderful recent find. Enjoying trying all the flavours. Honey is my favourite with raspberry a close second.”

Sue B

“Without doubt the vanilla yogurt is the best best yogurt that I have ever tasted. Luckily my local Sainsbury’s has started to stock it”

Sara HC

“Honestly, I don’t know how you do it but this is the nicest yogurt I have ever tasted and I consider myself a bit of an expert. Your Greek style is far superior to (and cheaper than) Fage. My little local shop stocks it – they keep running out as I keep buying it! I eat it ‘naked’ or with fruit – it isn’t sour but really creamy. Keep up the good work.”

Susie HC

“You have the best Greek yogurt in the world.”

Samantha N

I’ve finally found the Bio Greek yogurt of my dreams. I now look forward to my breakfast. The blackcurrant flavour is amazing but the vanilla is my fave.


I’d just like to congratulate you on your utterly superb Greek style kefir. It is the most delicious yogurt I’ve ever eaten. Please don’t stop making it as I can’t stop eating it! Thank you!


My husband and I would like to thank you and your staff for the fantastic Greek Style Bio-Live Yogurt. We have recently had your Blackcurrant one. This took us by surprise – it was the best yogurt we have had in an extremely long time. We would like to thank you very much for a fantastic product. It’s rich, it’s tasty, it’s smooth.

Melonie P

I wanted to write to say that we have recently discovered Tims Dairy products – primarily the large pots of Blackcurrant Greek Style (sold in Sainsbury’s, Redhill) – it is utterly delicious and I have gone from buying one pot a week to 3…..in almost as many weeks! All of the family love it (including a teenager who was adamant she didn’t like yogurt, so we thought we should send praise to where it is due as we are very happy with our discovery!

Jenny H

Your yogurt is the best I have ever tasted! As a vegetarian, I eat a lot of yogurt to improve my protein intake and my B12 levels, so I know what good yogurt tastes like! My favourite flavours are vanilla, blackcurrant and honey, but it’s more than the flavours that makes this yogurt great – it’s the wonderful, thick and creamy texture which makes it feel like an indulgent treat. My usual favourite brands have officially been ditched!!

Gillian M

I just wanted to email and say your yogurts are the best I have ever tasted! I use them for my overnight oats and they make it taste so much better than when I used different yogurt brands.

Charlotte D

Tims really is the best yogurt I have ever tasted and I’m 43 so I’ve eaten a lot of yogurt in my time. I purchase 6 yogurts a week as I order for parents and my brother. I’m telling everyone about Tims Dairy.

Lauren G

Best yogurt I have ever tasted, the raspberry is incredible. Now got my local butchers Rolfes Walsham-le-Willows, stocking for me. Well done, rich, thick and creamy.


I tried your yogurt today for the first time and it is absolutely incredible. Just ordered another 10 tubs on my Ocado order later in the week. The best yogurt ever…thank you so much.


Just had to write in to say that after 30 years of trying all brands of yogurt in the UK, Tims Dairy yogurt is the most delicious, smooth, sumptuous and fresh tasting yogurt ever! Huge fan..especially the vanilla. Don’t EVER change the recipe please!! Will never buy other brands again.
Elizabeth Ballantyne

I have just bought my first pot of your kefir yogurt and it tastes amazing, the best flavour ever!

LOVE THIS! If Tims Dairy was a ‘Love Actually’ scene……”Just to say, because at Christmas you can (and should) without hesitation, Tims is the best yogurt my family has ever had and this time next year I hope nothing has changed! Merry Christmas to everyone who makes our breakfast so special.”
Roland & Caroline Olliff

Single best yogurt I’ve ever tasted! Just thought that I’d let you know.
Joshua Patrick

“I’ve been doing my parents’ food shopping since March and my mum has just messaged me saying she is in a panic because she only has 3 pots of Tims Dairy in the fridge! She gets nervous now when their stocks are low as she eats it all the time!”
Mrs Middleton’s Oil

I wanted to let you know that WE LOVE THEM! My grandad’s name was Tim, it’s a name you don’t hear very often. So, it makes me smile too. Great taste and a fond memory. It’s a real boost in these difficult times. If you need anyone to help test new tastes, I’m your girl!!

Moira Bishop

I reckon you could set up a direct pipeline to our farm – we need your yogurt on tap!!


Absolutely love, love, love this yogurt. Nothing compares at all. Simply the best

Anne Gray

Everything else is disappointing in comparison

Karen Pearce

Just tried your Greek Style Yogurt with Honey for the first time. I usually buy Rachels or Yeo, but after tasting yours there’s no going back! So thick and creamy and tastes absolutely wonderful. Well done on a fabulous product . Will be recommending to all my friends and family

Mrs Lorraine Armer

Tims Dairy is the best British made Greek yogurt I’ve tasted. I’ve had the one with added honey and some homemade granola this morning

Glenn Parsons

I tell all my friends it’s the best. I even tell complete strangers at the supermarket to buy it!

Gaynor Bray

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