Our family heritage has also influenced our ethos and values, and the very important issues that we review regularly as we live in an ever-changing world and we build in a sustainable way.

Our Values:

Taste Without Compromise 

We’re told every day how delicious our yogurt is, and it’s our 100% commitment to the best in natural ingredients and fresh British milk, along with a passionate and dedicated team which ensures we deliver this promise time and time again.


Our recipe secrets have been passed down from our forefathers, and we four brothers were involved in making excellent yogurt from a very early age. It was always referred to as “the university of Tims Dairy”. Our team who work with us today are highly skilled in making yogurt and, whilst we innovate, we always adhere to the brilliantly high standards and skills passed down through the generations.


We are committed to doing what is right in personal and business life, making reliability and constancy throughout everything we do a key factor in all decisions.

Passionate About Customers & Consumers

First we listen, then we deliver. Customer service and excellent consumer comms are vital to the reputation of our business and to ensuring success for everyone.

Be Responsible to One Another

Investing in our people is how we grow in a diverse way. Respecting everybody as equal is essential to maintaining good mental health and to a harmonious way of working.

Responsible Towards a Better World

Our Greenpot Team work to reduce plastic and explore more sustainable operations where we can. We are therefore very proud to have worked hard to seek out the best retail packaging available currently which is recycled and 100% recyclable. This won’t solve the global crisis in itself but will help to mitigate our impact. We keep up every effort to improve, and as new technologies in packaging evolve our ‘Greenpot’ team work on the next positive steps forward. You can read more here.

See our history page here to find out more about our family heritage.

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