For Now And For A Greener Future


We are not only dedicated to creating amazing yogurt. At Tims Dairy we also have a passionate ‘Green Team’ who meet regularly to ensure that we have a proactive and developing eco strategy to minimise our impact on the environment. This includes looking at in-house practices, packaging innovation, ingredient sourcing and possible improvements in our processes and procedures on a continuous basis with the best consideration for the environment.


We are delighted to be working with youth homelessness charity, Depaul UK, supporting them from the proceeds of sales from our range of Greek style lactose free yogurts, The London Collection. We also support events to raise more awareness, such as their Dusk Walk in Bermondsey.


We use only fresh British milk and cream sourced from family farms via independent processors and delivered daily to the dairy. Our ingredients are all natural and sourced through ethical suppliers, who understand and support our commitment to quality and healthy nutrition.


Animal husbandry is important to us. We only source milk from approved Red Tractor suppliers who maintain high levels of animal welfare. The Red Tractor policy states that our British climate is not conducive to keeping the cows grazed outdoors throughout the year and there can be periods when they are housed indoors for their welfare over winter. Indoors their wellbeing continues to be excellent, with comforts such as streamed music and sometimes water beds for relaxation. They are grazed outdoors during the warmer months when the grass is growing and nutritious and are therefore given as many days as possible grazing outdoors.


Our retail packaging is 100% recyclable, wherever possible it includes recycled material and we constantly look to increase the recycled content.  We are also gradually reducing single use plastic from our pot packaging and wrapping materials, whilst ensuring trial at each stage to prevent wastage.


  1. Our yogurt pots are made with recyclable plastic to protect and preserve the quality of our yogurt through its shelf life. Unfortunately, there is currently no other better or commercially sustainable alternative which would ensure the best yogurt gets to your home safely. We are exploring other options, including compostable materials, but we have learnt that the vast majority cannot decompose in home compost and there is currently no plant available in the UK to handle this for consumers. The existing compostable offering also would mean reduction on the shelf life of our yogurt which could lead to greater food waste
  2. Our clear over lids are made of PET which is the most widely recycled plastic in the world. It is made into clothing such as fleece jackets, bottles, vehicle upholstery and containers. Our main pots are made of PP plastic as this is hardier. It is the second most common plastic and is recycled into mixing bowls, spatulas, watering cans, storage bins and more
  3. Our cardboard wrap and foil lids are also fully recyclable
  4. We define ‘recyclable’ as packaging which can be put into most household recycling, but you do need to check your local authority regulations to ensure this


We wholeheartedly believe that overall success includes manufacturing and operating in a progressively sustainable manner. Our business philosophy aims to protect resources and minimise impact on the environment whilst maintaining the highest standards of product quality and safety. Packaging sourcing and waste disposal efficiency are all areas of focus to help to reduce our carbon footprint and thereby contribute to better sustainability for us all.

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