Wholemilk Live Yogurts (4 x 150g)

To make your life a bit easier, give you better choice and to satisfy everybody’s palate, we have combined our 4 wholemilk, luxury fruit yogurts and put them in a sleeve pack.


  • 1 x wholemilk strawberry yogurt 150g
  • 1 x wholemilk black cherry yogurt 150g
  • 1 x wholemilk rhubarb yogurt 150g
  • 1 x wholemilk raspberry yogurt 150g

Keep everyone happy or just enjoy a selection to choose from yourself. All of our wholemilk yogurts are made using fresh pasteurised British milk, fruit and the live bacteria

Lactobillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

NOW in 100% recycled pots which are 100% recyclable so they can become yogurt pots again and again!

Find out more about each individual flavour here. 

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