There are as many recipes for these as there are people who make them! Each person can fill them with their own favourite filling and enjoy being together having baking family fun. Great for creative lockdown cooking

When very fresh, they are irresistible….they also freeze very well if kept in air-excluded, air-tight bags

Ingredients A

• 2 egg whites (save the yolks for brushing-glaze)
• 125g Tims Dairy Greek style Natural yogurt with a drop of milk (mixed and slightly warmed)
• 75ml light olive oil
• A few drops of water to bring the dough together if required during kneading
• 7g salt
• 1 teaspoon sugar

Method A

Put these ingredients into a bowl (electric with dough hook)

Ingredients B

• 200g strong white flour
• 200g plain white flour
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• 1 heaped teaspoon easy/instant dry yeast

Method B

Sieve the flours, baking powder and yeast into the bowl containing the liquids

Beat slowly with the dough hook for 4 to 5 minutes using a spatula to ensure all the dry ingredients mix in. Prod the balled-up dough occasionally with the spatula to ensure even mixing. If the dough does not ball-up well add a few drops of water

Put dough into a lightly-greased bowl. Cover. Leave to proof for a while

Method C

With floured/greased/wetted hands take pieces of the dough (about 60 grams/ golf-ball size)

Roll into balls. Place on a baking-sheeted tray. Cover and leave for 10 mins

Turn oven to 180°C. Flatten each ball slighly into a deepish circle. Fill. Savoury…feta/parsley/dill/ragout. Sweet….Nutella/apricot jam and dried apricots
Close up. Cover. Let rise for 10 mins

Brush with the reserved egg yolks. Sprinkle (savoury) nigella/sesame seeds, (sweet) chocolate sprinkles/apricot jam

Bake for 25 minutes. Allow to cool on a rack. Enjoy fresh!


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