• Tims Dairy Bio-Live Greek Style Natural yogurt
  • For the candied grapes
  • White or red grapes
  • Caster sugar
  • Sprigs of rosemary

To serve.

Almond flakes, mint, granola if using as breakfast, seeds, edible flowers, the sky is the limit here!


Note: Irini says “This recipe calls for an easy method of treating the grapes and then you have them in jars as you would jam to use for a quick dessert or even breakfast.”

Remove the grapes from their stalks and wash. It is best to make the white and red grapes, if using both, separately, as the colour of the red will overpower the white.

Rinse the grapes and weigh them. Put them in a pan for each variety and add an equal amount of sugar. Turn the heat on low. Stir occasionally to ensure that the sugar is totally melted. Turn the heat up and bring the grapes to a boil. Immediately reduce the heat now to medium and add the rosemary sprigs. Cook for only a couple of minutes and turn the heat off. Leave overnight to allow the grapes to release all their juices. The next day, put on a medium to high heat and cook again till the syrup is thick but you don’t want it to reach the jam stage. Remove the rosemary and store the grapes in sterilized jars.


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