Makes 12


  • 125g dark chocolate minimum 54%, chopped
  • 125g unsalted butter, cut into small dice
  • 70g plain flour
  • 35g cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • 1/8 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 2 large eggs
  • 130g light brown sugar
  • 50g pecans, chopped
  • 30g choc chips
  • Tims Dairy Greek style Vanilla bio-live yogurt
  • Chocolate mini eggs


Preheat the oven to160C fan. Line 12 cupcake tray with paper liners.

To make the brownies: In a medium heatproof bowl place the chocolate together with butter over a saucepan filled with water, but not touching the bowl, on a low heat, stirring until smooth; let it cool for 5 minutes.

In a small bowl, sift the flour, cocoa, and salt. Set aside.

Using a mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, whisk the eggs and sugar on high speed until thick and pale in colour. With a spatula add the melted chocolate mixture. Then fold in the flour mixture, with the chopped pecans, until it’s just combined. Don’t over-mix.

Divide the batter between the liners, filling them approximately ¾ full. Scatter 4-5 chocolate chips on the top of each brownie.  Bake for 13-16 minutes or until a cocktail stick inserted into the centre of the cupcake comes out with moist crumbs. Be careful not to over-bake as this will result in dry brownies. Transfer to a wire rack to cool for 10 minutes before removing from the pan.

Allow the cupcakes to cool completely on a wire rack before topping with thick creamy Greek-style Vanilla yogurt and chocolate eggs.


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