7th March 2022

We’re proud to announce that we are continuing our policy for plastic reduction by removing all over lids from our retail 450g and 500g yogurt pots. This means that there are no longer over lids on our Greek style yogurts and kefirs.

“We formed a ‘Green Pot’ committee 3 years ago to look at every aspect of our operation in terms of sustainability. We already use previously recycled plastic and card for our pots and sleeves and now we have taken a further step to reduce the use of single use plastic by removing the plastic over lids from our big pot yogurts. Our wonderful consumers and stockists have wholeheartedly embraced the idea with our 2 big pot kefirs and it is a natural extension to run this out across the retail range. We are also looking to help consumers with alternatives to the lids if they feel they need one” says Tims Managing Director Chris Timotheou.

We are now hoping that with time our consumers will adapt to this across our range.

For those who do not use a whole pot in one sitting and want to cover it in the fridge for use at a another time, we have a few helpful tips:-

  • Use a natural cling film beeswax replacement, such as the one here
  • Use a reusable silicon stretch over lid as can be found here
  • Reuse an old over lid again and again
  • We even find putting a saucer over the top carefully keeps the yogurt in great condition

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