19th January 2021

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“It’s one of the most well-peddled pieces of advice doing the rounds at the moment. The importance of keeping some form of structure, even if this begins and ends with breakfast.

Truth be told, even if this is the only constant we can manage to pin down in these times of chaos and change… we’ll be doing well.

In the interest of consistency, ease is everything, and this is why you can’t go too far wrong with a smoothie breakfast.

As a way of packing all manner of good stuff into one, easy to consume meal… the smoothie gets our vote as the lockdown breakfast of champions.


Teamed with Tims Dairy Kefir and fruit, this nutrient-packed smoothie is the epitome of breakfast goals…and just what we need when the importance of nutrition and digestion are once again being brought to the fore.

Optimum digestive health plays a crucial role in immune system function, so there is never a better time to begin introducing more fermented products such as Kefir into our daily diet.

Tims Dairy kefir has all the gut health benefits of Kefir, but the mild taste and luxury texture of their Greek style yogurt. Made with the best natural ingredients and fresh pasteurised British milk, this natural bio-live kefir is not only lactose free, but also comes to you in 100% recycled pots.

Tims Dairy Kefir is available in most Waitrose stores and Ocado.

For the recipe for this banana kefir smoothie, head on over to our Instagram stories.”

Caroline Matthews
Editor Health Magazine

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