22nd November 2022

Reuseabox help companies reduce their impact on the environment by making it easy for them to reuse cardboard boxes with their ‘Reuse Model’.

Our end of term report is in (for Q4 2022) – and we think (with their help) that we have done quite well. We have reused 3,988 boxes, saved 2.5 tonnes of carbon and 480,313 litres of water. You can read more here.

UsingĀ circular economy principles, Reuseabox divert used cardboard boxes away from traditional recycling and place them back into the supply chain for a second use. Keeping cardboard in use for longer helps save trees, water, carbon and energy – as you can see!

We are truly delighted to have joined forces with this great organisation and think this is such a wonderful innovative idea. See our Sustainability page for more information and background.

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