31st March 2020

We are really excited to announce that our single serve, lactose free yogurt range has had a makeover and is now called ‘The Collection’.

Every spoonful of this luxury yogurt is lactose free and is, of course, made to our Greek family recipe. We use gut friendly bio-live bacteria stirred into fresh British milk to bring you inspired natural flavour combinations to excite and wow your taste buds. Remember too that bio-live yogurt is great for immune support and to help good gut-health.

Originally The ‘London’ Collection, the yogurts were so named to celebrate our 70th year in 2019 and to mark our roots in central London, but have proved so popular they are now here to stay.

We have dedicated this lovely range to the memory of our inspirational mother, Eleni Timotheou, who was always our fondest critic and our greatest fan.


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