21st May 2013

Two exciting new products to add to our award winning Greek style range.



We are thrilled to launch two fabulous new products in our retail range: Bio-Live Greek Style Yogurt with Vanilla in two sizes. With attractive wrap around packaging and lids resonating with images and feelings of spring, the two pot sizes – medium 175g and large 450g – contain a beautiful creamy vanilla flavoured Greek Style thick and creamy yogurt that will delight all who try it.

The combination of Greek style yogurt with a 9.5% fat content, vanilla flavour and pot sizes is a unique offering in the market and represents a fresh new bold addition to the popular retail range of Greek Style yogurts. Tims Dairy hope it will firmly establish itself as an immediate favourite with consumers.

“Launching a new product to market is a delicate but very exciting exercise and we think Tims Dairy is spot on with this new Vanilla flavour offering” says Managing Director Chris Timotheou. “We have tried lots of different taste options and think we have got this just right. We hope you agree”.

Using West Country milk and cream in support of British dairy farmers and 100% natural ingredients, this is a fabulously exciting extension to the range. Exquisite flavour and a premium quality texture make this new yogurt product a ‘must-try’.

What’s Special?

This is a brand new fabulously versatile and tasty Vanilla Greek Style Yogurt product. You can eat it on its own as a delicious vanilla dessert, with granola and/or fruit for breakfast – or at any time of the day – as a topping as an alternative to cream or use instead of custard with crumbles pies or fruit.

‘It tastes like a luxury custard’.

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