30th January 2018

Some of the best people to sample and review our yogurt are real food bloggers. They have a great knowledge of quality, provenance and cookery, and this is no exception in the case of local food blogger, Zoe Levens of @LocalFeasting.

Having been a mum for ten years, and a foodie for much longer, Zoe knows how hard it can be to find great food that works for the whole family. So she decided to share her passion and experience for finding good food where she lives, on the borders of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Her mission takes her to restaurants, cafes, farm shops and other retailers in the area and she liaises direct with local producers to review their products and to demonstrate how easy it is to cook with them. With all this in mind she has written a lovely blog on our yogurts which includes some excellent recipe ideas – you can read it here.

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