30th November 2021

It’s now part of modern culture apparently that the end of The Great British Bake Off marks the start of the festive season.

After the largely non-event of 2020, this year should be a fabulous celebration of festive food and cheer, even if we have to meet perhaps in smaller groups.

Food is such a glorious way of showing your love for friends and family – and sharing food together ‘breaking bread’ is a very special way of celebrating. Our Greek style yogurts make fabulous healthy alternatives to cream, whether it’s our natural, Vanilla flavour or our mild tasting lactose free Coconut Kefir.

We have already put some recipes for traditional favourites like sausage rolls into our new ‘Festive’ section in the menu, and there is a sensational way of spicing up your mince pies from 3rd gen family member Tom of Tom’s Tims that you have to try. Look out too for a new food idea from great friend Louise of Nordic Kitchen Stories.

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